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There are an incredible amount of different companies that make PC components as well as gaming related accessories. From MSI, EVGA, and PNY, each company has made in some form or another a 30 Series GPU from Nvidia. This article demonstrates the similarities and differences between each company, as well as a personal take on the company manufacturing a 30 Series GPU.

MSI, or Micro Star International, is a company that is a legend within the PC component space. Their GPU’s hold world records for clock speeds and reliability. Their RGB components vary from elegant ambiance lighting to complete RGB. Their biggest weakness is end-solution such as customer support as well as lack of english translators for global support. The cooling solutions tend to be under powered, leaving GPU’s hot and struggling for air. Their solution is to use High RPM fans to compensate, however the fans tend to be louder than other companies.

ASUS TUF is one of the sister brands of ASUS, and they have the best performance to dollar ratio out of all the companies in the GPU creation space. They use reference PCBs, meaning that they have a large source of compatibility with Cases, Watercooling, and custom modifications. They are readily available, and affordable for the set of features provided. Their largest weakness is their popularity, and supply chain issues. The supply of these cards are extremely low, while their demand is artificially high due to the mining boom for cryptocurrency and silicon shortage.

ASUS ROG, or Republic of Gamers, is the most well known company for creating GPUs in an extremely creative and stunning way. Their GPUs are known for their extreme performance, beautiful RGB, and impeccable design. Their biggest weakness is the price. Since ASUS supplies the TUF line of graphics cards with reference PCBs, the performance is hindered due to the “one-size-fits-all” approach and leaves a lot of potential on the table. This causes an issue and means that ROG has to create their own PCBs, meaning you pay for the premium overall. This causes resellers to scalp and raise prices meaning that getting an ROG GPU at MSRP is near to impossible nowadays.

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Nvidia Founders edition GPUs are made directly by Nvidia themself. These cards are known for their price per dollar figure and are the most popular option for those who are creating their own computer for the first time, due to the incredible amount of documentation inside the GPU box itself. While cooling is less than desirable, the designs are extremely open to air flow and allow for better thermals compared to their brethren. The largest weakness is lack of supply and demand, as well as hindered thermals due to Nvidia’s own design, meaning lack of compatibility with some cases and test benches. The cards are always out of stock, and are incredibly difficult to purchase.

GIGABYTE is a middle ground company that tends to follow the mold of Nvidia or AMD. Their cards are incredibly well supported, have great thermals and RGB as well as customer support. The cards are affordable, fully featured, and have outstanding warranties. Their biggest weakness is inability to keep stock, and undesirable manufacturing techniques. The cards sell out so quickly, it's hard to get your hands on a GIGABYTE card because these GPUs never have any issues.

EVGA is the highest quality manufacturer for the GPU space period. Their knowledge in quality components and quality control leads EVGA being the number one choice for overclocking as well as workstation components. Their RGB compatibility is the highest in the software world, and are visually stunning, bright, and contemporary. The only real weakness EVGA has is lack of documentation and communication for collaboration partners. They usually stick to their own path and it tends to lead to their parts only having compatibility with other EVGA components for RGB and theming.

PNY is a well known company that only very recently decided to create GPUs for Nvidia and AMD. Their extreme affordability allows anyone to purchase a reference PCB card, sometimes below MSRP. Their construction is suitable for beginners, as well as younger children who just get a gaming PC as a gift. However, due to their low prices, PNY GPUs have notorious thermal issues, lack of customer support and horrible warranty clauses. Some users have even reported that their cards have blown heatpipes, creating massive damage in their system, as well as broken parts.

COLORFUL is one of those brands that is extremely popular in the other side of the world, but is uncommon in the states. Their GPUs, while affordable, are poorly made and tend to have a lot of unsolved issues at launch. They rely on customer reports to fix the issues and make repairs from then. Usually they make their GPUs from the reference board from Nvidia, however they take the design of the card and completely make a completely unique product. Known for adding screens, extra fans, and even turbo buttons on the card itself. If you get a genuine COLORFUL GPU, they are great for people who want something different but still functional.

GALAX is an incredibly niche company that usually focuses on creating workstation cards, rather than making a good looking product. Their focus is function over form, and they make powerful cards, without using RGB as a selling point. They are extremely rare in the US, and usually unobtainable unless you know someone that lives in mainland china. However there are ways to get these cards, but it might take some doing. They are great GPUs for rack mounted PCs and for those who don’t need lights to make their card powerful.

My favorite company out of all of the companies is EVGA. They make great pieces of hardware, they look great and have amazing visuals. I have used EVGA so many times that I never had any issues with them or their customer support or products. While they are a bit more expensive, the investment is worth it overall and I highly suggest purchasing from EVGA for amazing graphics cards.

The one I wouldn’t recommend is PNY. Their relative younger age in the GPU manufacturing world leaves them at a massive disadvantage and ultimately leaves them in the lowest of the list. Their lack of manufacturing prowess tends to show a poor quality and low reliability.

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