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Get the best computer you can afford. Mark will help you : pick out a computer, make a parts list and select a video card. Call or Text Mark, the owner.

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Getting the first phase right is what sets the tone for rest of the job, so we will take the time to listen to your team and learn about your business. At the very least, we will offer you a fresh look at your gaming strategy.


If you have a detailed project outline in place, we can focus on meeting the exact specifications you have set forth. Upon request, we can leverage our years of experience and get your new build started.


We have historically been able to build awesome gaming PCs at a reasonable cost, reasonable turn around time and excellent attention to detail. We are also flexible enough to deal with changes, and if we see an opportunity to save you money, we will tell you about it.


After your PC is built, we will provide support and training as needed. Being able to get in person help from a single point of contact is hard to come by these days. It is really hard to get that from a big business.

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