Maximize your Internet Connection

Not all Network Set Ups are the Same!

Just because you are paying for high speed internet does not mean that your Gaming PC is making the most out of that connection.

Even a state of the art, top of the line router is not going to always provide you with the best performance.

Your home network probably has a large number of devices on the network, but when you are gaming, you want to prioritizes the bandwidth that is being alotted to your Gaming PC.

It is a sophisticated process, but we have years of experience in this field and can usually improve your gaming experience or tell you what level of internet bandwith you need. You do not want to pay for bandwidth that you do not need and you also do not want to keep losing becasue your internet connection is costing you. This is crucial for first person shooter such as Call of Duty.

Onsite Computer Network Visit = $100 an hour
(2 hour minimum for Onsite Visits)

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