Total PC Rebuild

Did you order a PC online and it is not performing the way it should?

Have you started to build a PC, but things have not gone quite like they did on that PC Building Video you watched on YouTube?

Don't panic!!!

Countless customers have come to our store with a PC built by a : friend, brother, guy from work, guy on eBay or Mail Order PCs Company.

We have seen computers that are : running hot, running slow, crashing, ugly, built incorrectly, built with AIO installed wrong, built with GPU installed in the wrong slot, just a huge pile of open boxes and parts.

We have saved them all!

We love to fix Gaming PCs and would love to help you as well.

Bring your PC to us and we will get it running the way it should and looking the way that you want. We can replace parts, change cases, tune your RAM and CPU and GPU, and much much more.

All Services are $69.99 an hour

Get the best computer you can afford. Mark will help you : pick out a computer, make a parts list and select a video card. Call or Text Mark, the owner.

Call 760-889-5137 Text 760-889-5137

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