Gaming PC Maintenance and Repairs

Clean out your computer, Change your Thermal Compound, and Upgrade your Gaming PC Cable Management.

Gaming PCs are different than regular computers because they generate much more heat and in order to get rid of all the heat, the fans have to run much harder and the thermal compound needs to be replaced more frequently.

Modern Gaming PCs require annual maintenance to avoid thermal damage. These are very different that older low power systems that could go for years with no maintenance.

Taking off the side panel and blowing the dust out is no longer enough. Today's Gaming PCs run very hot to achieve maximum performance. With higher performance come higher temperatures.

Modern Gaming PCs are designed to run at elevated temperatures that are dangerously close to the point at which damage will occur. Taking care of a high performance Gaming PC requires keeping the vent and fans clean, replacing fans as necessary, and regularly replacing the thermal compound.

You can use various software tools to check your computer's thermal performance. You can also come to our shop where we can run your computer and take pictures using our Forward Looking Infrared Camera.

Remove CPU Heatsink and replace thermal compound using high quality thermal compound = $69.99 an hour
Thermal Compound $19.99
Repaste Video Card with new pads = $69.99 an hour
Set of Pads $19.99

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