Hardware Upgrades

Power Supplies, Fans, CPU Coolers

Off the shelf Gaming PCs can be a great deal, however most of the time the manufacturer will include a less expensive Power Supply or not include as many fans as are needed for optimal performance. This is because they want to give you a good price for the entire Gaming PC, while still including the video card and processor that customers want. Many Gaming PCs can also benefit from additional fans, a case with better ventilation, or a power supply that has a higher wattage rating.

The reason for a more powerful power supply is that once your Gaming PC is under load, it can get very close to the maximum power rating of your power supply. It is ideal to have a 600 watt power supply if your system will max out at 500 watts peak power. Many gaming PCs include only a 300 watt power supply.

Another common area in which manufacturers will try to save money is that the case itself is fine and has room for three fans, however the company decided to only include two fans, because that was "good enough" for most games. gaming PCs that have glass windows often retain the most heat, because unlike metal, glass actually reflects more heat. We can also replace your existing CPU heat sink that is all metal with an all in one cooler that includes a fan and a heat sink. These are typically the best solution for keeping your Gaming PC running cool and providing optimal framer rate performance. Very few Gaming PCs come with a high end CPU cooler, because that part alone usually costs over $100.

In everything we do, our goal is to help your Gaming PC achieve the maximum number of frames per second for lowest cost to you.

We can also upgrade your hard drive or SSD without losing your data, most of the time.

Gaming PC Upgrades (For example only)

Cooler Master 850 Watt Power Supply and installation: $199
EVGA 1300 Watt Power Supply and installation: $349
Cooler Master Case and Case Swap: $250
Cooler Master Liquid Cooler and installation: $299
Cooler Master MA624 CPU Cooler and installation: $149
Cooler Master MA612 CPU Cooler and installation: $139
Cooler Master MA212 CPU Cooler and installation: $119

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